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Press Release: Primamundi.com Founder Wins 2017 Book Excellence Award.

On November 30th, 2017

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Primamundi.com founder Lee Temple has received the 2017 Book Excellence Award for his new book, Awakening into Unity. The work, entered in the Climate Change category, was selected from hundreds of submissions worldwide. Lee’s book was chosen for its “high-quality writing, design, and market appeal.”

A truly global celebration of literary excellence, Book Excellence Awards annually recognize authors from all backgrounds and genres for the hard work, dedication, and commitment involved in outstanding book creation and marketing.

“I’m deeply honored to receive this prestigious award,” Temple, said. “It’s encouraging that my book is making an important impact as a teaching/learning text. I’m grateful that its broad range of real-life stories and inspiring messages of hope, strength, visionary innovation and fundamental unity are successfully empowering readers against the regressive cultural darkness today. Thank you BEA for your vital support and recognition of this work.”

Lee’s book is the summary volume of his Global Awakening series, a collection of books, articles, blogs and speeches launched in 2013 via companion website primamundi.com and featured in the Shift Network. He has touched and positively influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, organizations and communities worldwide.

Learn more about the Book Excellence Awards (BEA) at www.bookexcellenceawards.com or View the 2017 BEA awards press release here.

Read an interview with Lee on his BEA Winning Author’s Showcase page here.

These are the stories of us in our striving billions, woven together in an informative celebratory narrative that brings our diverse world-healing efforts alive, front and center for all to see. …humanity moving past climate theory, discussion and debate into decisive, active engagement; the true global awakening and life-saving transformation that’s happening all around us in real time. 

Beyond selling well and receiving this important award, we’re very proud and happy that so many of you feel this book provides a really great holiday gift and an inspiring antidote to the “regressive cultural darkness” today.

Learn more about Awakening Into Unity here

You can also order a print or e-book copy for yourself, or for a gift for your loved ones, friends, etc., here

Other News

Although this message goes out during the holidays, many of us are not feeling very happy or thankful at this time. Such a state of affairs can be the most important time to build our resolve and strength for the future. That’s why we are continuing our important work in the midst of the many great challenges we all face. Here are a few recent highlights from our award-winning blog pages:

California leads fight to curb climate change

EDF is helping design and implement market-based policies that reduce energy use and cut pollution.


Here's how every major automaker plans to go electric

Electric cars are coming soon to a road near you, and that could signal the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine.


And we since our last announcement in June, we have established new or renewed partnerships and/or continued important collaborations and meaningful, high-level strategizing with:

Featured Educational Partner

Lesley prepares graduates with the knowledge, skill, understanding, and ethical judgment to be catalysts who shape a more just, humane world.

At Lesley, you’ll discover bold ideas about what a university can be.


PrimaMundi’s Future

In the time to come, we intend to leverage our award-winning book and blog platforms to increase connections with other important activists and organizations, and advance the unity-based message that is our core mission, as much and as often as possible.

Thanks so much for participating in our massive global rebirth, and for being an important part of our PrimaMundi.com family, which now includes thousands of followers, hundreds of Allies, and dozens of Partners from over eighty countries all over the globe

Our global family supports the Earth-healing movement from me-first to world-first, where every effort matters, and everybody counts. Please be sure to visit us often for current news blog posts, book and webinar launch updates, networking, learning and sharing opportunities, and much, much more.

And as always, you can sign up to receive your own free e-copy of the TEN STEPS to a Healthier, Safer Planet here.


Please feel free to share this update with your friends, associates, and change networks. It is truly an honor to be doing this work with you.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with one of the very first blog postings we made after primamundi.com was launched.

It’s our Thanksgiving Message from 2013. I’m humbled when I see how much we’ve accomplished, and how far we’ve come over the past four years.

In the spirit of that early message, I’m wishing everyone a very restful, and happy holiday season, where we count our blessings, and successfully build resolve for all our future efforts.Love,


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