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Welcome to A Global Awakening

About Our Series

Prima Mundi offers a series from the body of collected works of Author Lee Temple, available now in our store.  Link here to our Sales Page for more details and in order to purchase volumes.

The Global Awakening Series integrates widely-accepted scientific, spiritual, and environmental perspectives to reveal our profound collective journey from the Big Bang to the present day – so we can understand, at the deepest level, who we truly are, what we’re made of, and how we’ve come face to face with the greatest human challenge of all time:  global climate change.  In so doing, it facilitates a large-scale human awareness shift into a new, direct experience of the universe’s intrinsic unity.  This enlightening transformation – as essential to successfully addressing climate crisis as the advancement of green technology or governmental initiatives – inspires broad-based, compassionate, win-win behavior that promotes lasting healing for Earth and her children.

The series is being published in segments in e-book and print on demand formats. Primamundi.com is it's companion website that includes resources, directories, and tools for education and networking.

The Global Awakening Series provides:

  • Comprehensive mapping of our authentic place in the Cosmos.
  • Synergistic unification of today’s crucial change-drivers: environmental justice, grass-roots activism, philosophy/spirituality, science, systems-thinking.
  • Guided exercises/meditations that help us walk in greater unity with all of creation.
  • Simple, helpful, down-to-earth tools and climate solutions for all aspects of humanity.
  • Extensive references/resources to fuel individual transformation and/or change networks.
  • Magnificient full-color artwork & photography, inspiring quotes & poetry, original illustrations, charts & diagrams.

Volumes in the Global Awakening series:

(Listings in bold are already available or expected soon. All title listings and availability are subject to change without notice.)


Series Overview Volumes

1 Awakening into Unity: The Global Awakening Series Reader

2 Introduction: The Awakening Experience/ References and Resources

3 Glimpses of Oneness: Facets of the Unity Perspective

Part I: The Grand Universal Lineage

4 First Light: Intrinsic Unity at the Dawn of Time

5 Little Beings: Unity on a Tiny Scale

6 Big Beings: Unity as Cosmos

7 Precious Earth: Oneness on the Little Blue Planet

8 Humanity, Part I: Human Emergence and Development

9 Humanity, Part II: Human Nature: Five Elements that Unite Us

10 Humanity, Part III: Humanity Today

Part II : The Grand Integration

11 Living the Truth: Aspects and Implications of Embracing Oneness

12 Elements of a Personal Approach

13 The Power of Enlightened Intention and Choice

14 Earth-Healing Movements Today 


Part III : Next Steps

15 A Next Steps Primer: Calls to Action

16 Next Steps for Individuals & Families

17 Next Steps for Schools & Universities

18 Next Steps for Organizations, Businesses, Industry and Agriculture

19 Next Steps for the Indigenous, Spiritual/Religious and Scientific Communities

20 Next Steps for Living Communities

21 Governmental Next Steps for States and Nations

22 Next Steps for the U.N. and the World

23 Epilogue: Redemption and Rebirth: A Bright Future for Us All!

Booklets :

Ten Steps to a Healthier, Safer Planet


The Global Awakening Series Partial Bundles:

(Overview, Parts I, II and III bundles)

The Global Awakening Series Bundle:

(All books and booklets in the complete series)

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