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Essential Reading For Clarity On Climate Action

BY: Lee Temple
December 9, 2014
Read Time: 1 minute
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By Margaret Flowers, originally posted at Popular Resistance The People’s Climate March in New York this September brought hundreds of thousands of people into the street to call for climate action. It was the largest climate march ever in the United States and it was beautiful for its energy, diversity…

The People’s Climate March: Speaking Truth to Power

BY: Lee Temple
October 22, 2014
Read Time: 3 minutes
By Lee Temple Editors Note: This article first appeared on page 21 in the October, 2014 issue  of the Crestone Eagle (Volume 25, Number 10, website: http://www.crestoneeagle.com/) An estimated 310,000+ participants gathered in Manhattan, New York on Sunday, September 21rst for the largest climate change demonstration in history.  They were joined…

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