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Welcome to A Global Awakening

Change Networks

Welcome to this across-the-board, constantly growing directory of organizations and individuals in a wide array of fields.

  • Green

  • Climate Change
  • Evolutionary
  • Social Justice
  • Education
  • Justice

The following list is just a small sample of the many entities engaged in this areas today.

For more links to other entities engaged in this and other related topics, and to see books, articles, and DVD’s on this and similar themes, please see the Global Awakening series complete References and Resources List (link here), included in “Volume II: The Awakening Experience, Introduction to the Series “ (coming soon).

If you are representing an organization that would like to be listed here, please submit your information

  • Change.org. A leading Internet site dedicated to effecting broad-based societal change.
  • GlobalVolunteerNetwork.org. Website for the Global Volunteer Network, dedicated to helping volunteers find Earth- and Humanity-healing projects worldwide.
  • GreenAmerica.org. Website for Green America, broad-based green consortium of American unity-based organizations/businesses.
  • GreenChamberOfCommerce.net. Website for 900+ businesses in various industry sectors.
  • ISCVT.org. Website for the Institute for Sustainable Communities, dedicated to empowering active citizenship, environmental protection, and climate change activism worldwide.
  • NRDC.org. Website for the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • Oceana.org/en/about-us/what-we-do. Oceana Foundation is the largest international NGO focused solely on ocean conservation that seeks to return Earth’s oceans to their former state of purity and abundance.
  • ShiftMovement.com; TheShiftNetwork.com. Websites devoted to the emerging network of advocates and change agents dedicated to an evolutionary shift of consciousness.
  • SustainabilityRevolution.com/index.html. Website for regularly updated, comprehensively focused sustainability information—a great resource!
  • 30Project.org. Ellen Gustafson’s project to create a global food system providing sufficient healthy food for all within thirty years.
  • 350.org. Bill McKibben’s Earth-healing website dedicated to building a global grass-roots movement to solve the climate crisis.
  • TransitionCulture.org. Publisher of books on Transition Culture, including Transition Towns.
  • TransitionNetwork.org. Website for The Transition Towns Movement that is helping communities transition from earth-hurting to earth-healing.
  • UN.org. Website for the United Nations.

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