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Relational Aspects of The PrimaMundi Community

Besides being a global network of committed citizens representing a wide cross section of activism and interests, we also offer the work of Lee Temple, both in our store and as a Free offering for those who sign up for our enews.  We are dedicated to helping individuals, families, businesses, schools, communities, etc. make choices that reduce their carbon footprints and put the world first, while enhancing their overall quality of life in the process.


Learn to use the relationship diagram as a way of gathering all the parts of a given entity (from the individual to the global) as the first step towards making a comprehensive difference. Remember, once you and others dive in, there will be challenges that test your courage! You can download a PDF copy of the full diagram and text here: EXERCISES DIAGRAM

This relationship diagram illustrates a comprehensive, integrative, honoring approach. It can apply to any scale of human entity-ship: from the individual, family, commercial/corporate, community, institutional, educational, state, and national, to the multi-national or global.  See if you can construct one of your own for whatever scale of entity you wish to make more Earth-friendly. Start by identifying all the parts of your given entity.  Then include them in your relationship diagram as a way of honoring their important presence in the complete whole.  Then, you can focus on helping them all to work together more harmoniously, to reduce their negative effects on the Earth. 


There are many already-existing success stories from communities around the world that employ this holistic approach: Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Freiborg, Germany....


Using such an integrative approach, we can network to make change in larger and larger circles (see the Grassroots Inspiration in Action page).

Over the last few decades, I have compiled elements and guiding principles for community transformation, to help facilitate my recommended holistic, comprehensive  visioning for Earth-healing. Some of them are ideas and approaches developed in my own homestead- and/or community-planning journey, transferred to a general form:

A Comprensive Communty Sustainability Prototype

1.     Guiding principles
•    The Golden Rule rules.
•    Zero waste economy that nly generates valuable gifts to others.
•    Plan to achieve carbon and ecological neutrality in 10 years.
•    Support zero population growth and population reduction to whatever numbers an area, region, nation or the planet can  genuinely sustain.

Read More on Lee's Action-Planning Prototype.

Additionally, you are invited to become a part of this growing community network by submitting your information to be listed in our resource directory.

Here are some images from a recent community sustainability collaborative in Crestone, CO. Gathering in this way and building sustainable low-carbon communities is not easy, but it is so worthwhile as we learn to embrace the challenges as the gifts that can guide us (photo credits Dennis Neuhaus).

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