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The Global Awakening Series | Volume 1

Awakening Into Unity: The Complete Series Reader

"Lee Temple is a modern day renaissance man. His command of so many fields such as cosmology, science, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, ecology and systems thinking is truly impressive. He puts all this knowledge together in a lyrical, informative and practical presentation designed to provide us with all we need to make informed choices and take wise action to save our planet. His mapping has a moral imperative: we must transform our consciousness and act." –James O’Dea, author of Cultivating Peace: Becoming a 21st Century Peace Ambassador

Primamundi.com: Thousands of followers, hundreds of Allies, dozens of Partners in over eighty countries all around the world. We are a growing global family supporting the vital movement from Me-First to World-First.

Keynote Speech

30th Anniversary Crestone Energy Fair 1989-2019
Lee Temple, Ten Steps to a Healthier, Safer Planet

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Star Jones Interview

Mr. Temple explores his passions for architecture and the arts with Star Jones.

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The 7th edition of marquismillennium.com's
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features our founder, Lee Temple!

Lee is also featured as a Marquis Spotlight Biographee:
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Lee’s Offerings

Consulting or coaching for individuals, groups, businesses, and communities—personalized to help you and/or your organization participate more fully in cabon-mitigating, Earth-healing actions specifically tailored to you. Lee’s goal is to help us move decisively toward carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.

About Our Series

The series helps inspire the broad-based, compassionate, win-win changemaking we need right now to meet the greatest human challenge of all time: global climate change. Tap into the series, our Free Learning Library of Downloads, and works by our Allies.

“Only a decisive, worldwide change in our underlying awareness can yield a realistic hope of survival on this miraculous little blue planet we call home.” —Lee Temple

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