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Welcome to A Global Awakening


The following list is just a small sample of the many entities engaged in this topic today.

For more links to other entities engaged in this and other related topics,  and to see books, articles, and DVD’s on this and similar themes, please see the Global Awakening series complete References and Resources List (link here), included in “Volume II: The Awakening Experience, Introduction to the Series “ (coming soon).

If you are representing a publisher that would like to be listed here, please submit your information

  • BohoMag.net. Website for Boho Magazine, the only 100% recycled post-consumer waste fashion magazine—for free-spirited, creative, socially/environmentally conscious world-changing consumers —fashion, beauty, adventure and self-discovery.
  • FonsVitae.com. Publisher of authors on the Perennial Philosophy and spirituality.
  • HayHouse.com. Alternative publisher with motto “Look Within.”
  • InnerTraditions.com. Publisher of Inner Traditions and Bear & Co.—books on alternative philosophies and modalities.
  • LarsonPublications.com. Publisher of books on philosophical topics, spirituality in daily living, women’s issues, healing, inspiration.
  • Namaste Publishing. Books that change your life.
  • Nationalgeographic.com.  Website for the National Geographic Society.
  • NewSociety.com. Canadian New Society Publishers: “Books to build a new society.”

New World Library

  • Shambhala.com. Website of Shambhala Publications, books on Buddhism, philosophy, religion, health, etc.


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