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The Global Awakening Series integrates widely-accepted scientific, spiritual, and environmental perspectives to reveal our profound collective journey from the Big Bang to the present day – so we can understand, at the deepest level, who we truly are, what we're made of, and how we've come face to face with the greatest human challenge of all time:  global climate change.

In so doing, it facilitates a large-scale human awareness shift into a new, direct experience of the universe's intrinsic unity.

This enlightening transformation – as essential to successfully addressing climate crisis as the advancement of green technology or governmental initiatives – inspires broad-based, compassionate, win-win behavior that promotes lasting healing for Earth and her children.

The series is being published in segments in e-book and print on demand formats. Primamundi.com is its companion website that includes resources, directories, and tools for education, collaboration and networking.

The Global Awakening Series provides:

  • Comprehensive mapping of our authentic place in the Cosmos.
  • Synergistic unification of today's crucial change-drivers: environmental justice, grass-roots activism, philosophy/spirituality, science, systems-thinking.
  • Guided exercises/meditations that help us walk in greater unity with all of creation.
  • Simple, helpful, down-to-earth tools and climate solutions for all aspects of humanity.
  • Extensive references/resources to fuel individual transformation and/or change networks.
  • Magnificient full-color artwork & photography, inspiring quotes & poetry, original illustrations, charts & diagrams.

Full-Color Magazine-Style Print and E-Books Available at Fine Book-Sellers Worldwide.

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