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The following list is just a small sample of the many entities engaged in this topic today.  For more links to other entities engaged in this and other related topics,  and to see books, articles, and DVD's on this and similar themes, please see the Global Awakening series complete References and Resources List (link here), included in "Volume II: The Awakening Experience, Introduction to the Series " (coming soon).

This is a list of organizations that you can approach for funding your own project, or, where you can make contributions to support other projects. If you are representing an organization that would like to be listed here, please submit your information

  • Grameen Foundation. Connecting the World's poor to their potential.
  • GreenForAll.org. Website for Oakland, CA-based NGO devoted to building an inclusive green economy that can lift people out of poverty.
  • Heifer.org. Website of Heifer International, which has helped millions of families in 125+ countries become more self-reliant through the gift of livestock/environmentally intelligent agricultural training.
  • Kickstarter.com    A new way to fund creative projects large and small that links financial backers with project developers. It has thus far provided 4.8 million people with $800 million in funding.

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  • Kiva.org. Website of Kiva, an organization dedicated to alleviating global poverty by connecting lenders and lendees worldwide.
  • NewmansOwnFoundation.org. Website for Newman's Own Foundation, that has donated more than $370 million to make the world a better place, from donations of all the net profits/royalties of all Newman's Own product sales.


  • OnePercentForThePlanet.org. Website of 1% for the Planet, which encourages businesses to contribute One percent of sales for environmental causes.
  • RefugeesInternational.org. Website for Refugees International, an independent NGO that advocates and provides solutions for displaced populations around the world.
  • Rescue.org. Website for the International Rescue Committee, an NGO that, in conjunction with the UN, responds with aid to the world's worst crises and emergencies, helping people to survive and rebuild their lives.
  • TheFeedFoundation.org. Website for the Feed Foundation, a NFP NGO dedicated to improving the global food system by raising money for and awareness of nutritious school lunches for all children worldwide.
  • 350.org. Bill McKibben's Earth-healing website dedicated to building a global grass-roots movement to solve the climate crisis.
  • WorldBank.org. Website of the World Bank, "Working for a World Free of Poverty."


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