Welcome To A Global Awakening

A Taste of Lee’s Unity Perspective:

“A growing number of human endeavors have recently helped awaken a more unified vision and/or experience of this immense reality in diverse arenas. They include the work of the United Nations, formulation of the Gaia hypothesis and unified field theory, technical and scientific innovations such as the creation of the World Wide Web, social media and their various unifying organizations and devices, publication of books such as geneticist Spencer Wells’ The Journey of Man and Michael Dowd’s Thank God for Evolution, the Human Genome Project, and Oprah Winfrey’s A New Earth and Power of Now global webcast series with Eckhart Tolle, to name a few.

We find abundant evidence that this process has started in a wide variety of worldly venues and arenas, secular and spiritual alike. Consider, for example, the worldwide celebration of Earth Day; the first World Science Festival held in New York City in June 2008; Global Oneness Day (now celebrated on October 24th), the global compassion demonstrated in efforts to aid victims of catastrophes—food shortages, droughts, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes—wherever they occur; global cooperation in addressing the recent financial meltdown; and international efforts to expand human knowledge, such as the new LHC supercollider in France/Switzerland, the product of collaboration by dozens of countries. Scientists expect the LHC to expand our knowledge of particle physics to a billionth the size of the atom and show us what we’re made of and how the universe operates at its core. New global mythology or not, these collective changes are happening all around the world today.

. . . our human family is poised to embrace an awareness of our FUNDAMENTAL UNITY with each other and all things . . .
through an emerging and congealing consciousness of our intrinsic oneness at a global level. This is indeed our global awakening.”

The preceding is a sample segment from the section entitled:  "Context and Implications", from The Global Awakening Series introductory volume entitled "The Awakening Experience, Introduction to the Series".

“Hold up your primary (writing) hand in front of you and focus your attention on it. Turn it back and forth, then flex it up and down from the wrist. Study it as you would a work of art that you see for the first time. Notice the lines, the skin’s delicate patterns and imprints, the joint wrinkles, the color and sheen, the veins visible just under the surface. With your second hand, squeeze and feel the bones beneath the skin of the first. Flex and fold your hand and feel yourself present in it; feel the life and power it embodies.

Remember that your hand, like every part of your physiology, is constructed with atoms that once were part of other human beings during every stage of human development in the past seven million years. That’s right. You’re actually looking at and holding our species’ entire seven-million-year saga right in the palm of your hand.

Our bodies literally are Proconsul, Neanderthal, Homo erectus, Homo habilis, and all the rest of the incredible cast of characters that has populated the Earth. The atoms in our bodies have dwelled in every human race, on every continent and in the citizens of every civilization. Our hands contain atoms from our most revered saints and scientists and our most notorious scoundrels, from the wealthy and the poor, the farmers and the city folk and ancient friends and enemies. Finally, these same atoms that have journeyed through so many human forms have also been part of every other structure in existence from the beginning of time, all thanks to the mighty explosion of cosmic possibilities that began with the Big Bang.

As we learn about humanity’s evolutionary history in the pages that follow, I invite us all to remember this authentic aspect of our presence in the here and now. Let’s see if we can recognize and experience our oneness with every phase of human and universal unfoldment. It’s all a part of us, physically and spiritually. Here is a brief timeline of human evolution covering the past 7 million years to the present day.”

The preceding is a sample segment from Chapter 5, Humanity, Part 1, Human Emergence, in the section entitled:  "Human Emergence and Development: 7 Million Years of Human Evolution", from The Global Awakening Series Synopsis volume entitled "Awakening into Unity, The Complete Series Reader".

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