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On December 15th, 2014 by Lee Temple

“[McKibben is] a marvelous writer who has thought deeply about the environment, loves this part of the country, and knows how to be a first-class traveling companion.”—Entertainment Weekly In Wandering Home, one of his most personal books, Bill McKibben invites readers to join him on a hike from his current home in Vermont to his […]


On November 13th, 2014 by Lee Temple

By Bill McKibben, originally posted at Huffington Post, and reposted here from 350.org. 1) It is historic. John Kerry was right to use the phrase in his New York Times oped announcing the deal: for the first time a developing nation has agreed to eventually limit its emissions, which has become a necessity for advancing […]


On October 22nd, 2014 by Lee Temple

By Lee Temple Editors Note: This article first appeared on page 21 in the October, 2014 issue  of the Crestone Eagle (Volume 25, Number 10, website: http://www.crestoneeagle.com/) An estimated 310,000+ participants gathered in Manhattan, New York on Sunday, September 21rst for the largest climate change demonstration in history.  They were joined in solidarity by hundreds of […]


On September 10th, 2014 by Lee Temple

Traditional methods for fighting global warming have proven fruitless. It's time for the people to take a stand Originally published at Salon by Ted Hamilton, September 7, 2014 The politics of climate change are shifting. After decades of halfhearted government efforts to stop global warming, and the failure of the “Big Green” NGOs to do […]


On August 25th, 2014 by Lee Temple

"A vital book" -- Bill McKibben “Our hypermodern societies currently possess only a kindergarten-level understanding of the deeply relational nature of reality.” Relational Reality reveals the coherence among numerous surprising discoveries of the interrelated nature of reality, most of which were made since the mid-2000s. Kindred discoveries in the 20th century in physics, chaos theory, […]


On May 27th, 2014 by Lee Temple

This is an invitation, an invitation to come to New York City. An invitation to anyone who’d like to prove to themselves, and to their children, that they give a damn about the biggest crisis our civilization has ever faced. My guess is people will come by the tens of thousands, and it will be […]


On March 3rd, 2014 by Lee Temple

 What's your vision for a resilient world? How are you creating it now? Free Telesummit coming up March 11-13! Conversations with 42 representatives from different areas of our visioning and activism, including: Sign up free at: www.wholeearthsummit.org


On February 25th, 2014 by Lee Temple

In this very recent episode of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers and the "other Bill" McKibben discuss the 5 groups leading the charge to help halt climate change. WATCH FULL INTERVIEW...


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