Welcome To A Global Awakening

Welcome to a Global Awakening!

Only a decisive, worldwide change in our underlying awareness can yield a realistic hope of survival for our species on this miraculous little blue planet we call home. (From The Global Awakening Series "Introduction, The Awakening Experience")

PrimaMundi.com embodies and is concerned with: Connecting Causes for Earth and Humanity, Taking Action/Start Where You Are, The Unity Perspective, The Climate Tipping Point, How to Tip the Tipping Point, Motivating the Change, Green Business, Activating Individuals, Networking for Change, Becoming The Mountain, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint, Sustainability, Urban Action Steps, Evolutionary Environment, etc.

Why and How We Picked Our Name:

We chose "PrimaMundi" to draw attention to the sort of world we're helping to create. From the latin,"prima" means, "best, primary, first, next, highest," and "mundi" means "world." We'd like the next world to be simply the best that we can make it.  We also chose this name to engender the "world-first" philosophy that we've created and advanced here.

Founded by Lee Temple, its purpose it to serve as an educational platform that empowers individuals to make a significant difference at this crucial moment in time.

It also supports networking and inspired action on a global scale.  PrimaMundi.com showcases grassroots organizations and how to get activated on very practical levels in your own life.

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We invite you and your organization to stay involved as we create a resource directory that supports the connection of  cutting edge work on a global scale.

See our Step Up tab for more info, and if you'd like to become a Partner, please go to the Become a Partner page and fill out the simple applicant form.

". . . our human family is poised to embrace an awareness of our FUNDAMENTAL  UNITY with each other and all things . . . through an emerging and congealing consciousness of our intrinsic oneness at a global level. This is indeed our global awakening. "

(From The Global Awakening Series "Introduction, The Awakening Experience")

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