Welcome To A Global Awakening

Here's an expansive list of allies doing important work on the local, regional, national and/or global levels. We value their work and we hope you will find them as helpful as we have.

The Great Green Wall

Saniflo Depot

Terra Mater Studios

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation

Save The Redwoods

Take Back Your Power

Detox Rejuvenation

Power Shift Africa

Power Shift Africa

Eco America



Marine Stewardship Council


Dan Buettner – Live to 100, Secrets of the Blue Zones



PV Case



Food Revolution NETWORK

Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn’t Food Book

Center for Food Safety

Building Biology Institute

Bottle Store

Lifetime of Happy

Creativity in Therapy

Safety Detectives

The online world is gathering momentum at a frightening pace. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen the rise of cryptocurrency, along with massive increases in video streaming, videoconferencing, social media use, and general internet use.

Corporate Finance Institute

A management and analysis framework to understand and measure how sustainably an organization is operating

Opportunity Collaboration

The entire purpose of Opportunity Collaboration is to connect you with new people and new ideas. Come prepared to share best practices, illuminate partnership opportunities or reveal a current passion or innovative idea. Engage your fellow Delegates with your mission.

Ice Blast

If you want to cool down or heat your home the more obvious choice is to buy a reverse cycle air conditioner, but at a certain point, it can crash your green soul and you may be wondering, how to be responsible with the environment and at the same time do not give up comfort?

Science Friday

Science Daily

Your source for the latest research news

Severe Weather Europe

Our mission is to provide severe weather forecasts, detailed outlooks, and nowcasting.

2 Frontiers Project

Scientific exploration from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of space.

Zer0e Aircraft


Website of Yes! Magazine.


How To Start & Make a Compost Pile at Home

Yale Biodiversity Plan

Yale Climate Connections.org

World Resources Institute


Website of World Public Opinion, a global source of public opinion research on international affairs and policy, dedicated to giving a voice to the public around the world.


Website founded by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Father Thomas Keating, et.al. It offers a comprehensive body of teachings on the spiritual dimension of oneness.


Website for the World Indigenous Science Network, dedicated to interfacing between western and indigenous cultures. They conduct research, host exchanges and provide advocacy for endangered indigenous practitioners and wisdom, as well as endangered species and biosystems, and offer an advanced degree for Indigenous Mind; the modern study of global changes from an ancient perspective.


Website that shows how a growing global grassroots movement for hydroponic window-farming can enable individuals to grow their own fresh produce at home. See The WindowFarms Project video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkCuPrsPn_I

Water Saving Landscaping

Feeding the Hungry

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Global Health Volunteer Program

Where Volunteering Begins

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