Well, you’ve asked for it! And now it’s finally here!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Lee’s massive new green polemic, AWAKENING INTO UNITY!

Now you can own the comprehensive healing vision of the complete GLOBAL AWAKENING series, all in one place!

We’ve been hard at it finishing this mighty work for the past few months …er, years!, and are happy to report that it’s now even more beautiful, informative, and up-to-date than we expected. At just over 500 magazine-style, full-color-illustrated pages (see samples below), Awakening into Unity has become the definitive resource for the complete Global Awakening series.

Please visit our award-winning website, primamundi.com, to learn more about our series and this great new book. You can read a pdf of the book’s Preface and Lee’s Shift Network article here: https://primamundi.com/store-freebies/free-learning-library/

This work truly provides, as James O’Dea has said, “all we need to make informed choices and take wise action to save our planet.”

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In today’s turbulent, troubled times, Awakening Into Unity can serve as a vital, life-affirming raft to help keep you strong and learning many new and exciting things. It can help empower you with a dramatic, all-encompassing vision of hope for the future, backed by:

  • great, helpful resources to fuel individual transformation and/or change networks,
  • guided meditations and exercises that help us walk in greater unity with all of creation,
  • simple, helpful down-to-earth climate solutions and tools for everyone,
  • synergistic integration of today’s crucial change-drivers: environmental justice, activism, philosophy/spirituality,  science, systems thinking,
  • magnificent artwork/photography, inspiring quotes, illustrations, and more!

Take a Peek Inside:
The Foreword by Bill McKibben, Author’s Preface and the Introduction all provide a comprehensive view of the great context of our time, what’s at stake, and the growing global movement to make a life-saving difference.

Part I’s Grand Universal lineage employs the language and lenses of science to map our authentic place in the Cosmos, through in-depth explorations of our extensive research into Big History, the specific mechanics of the universal creation process that made us and our world possible.

Part II’s Grand Integration shares an integrative vision of how we humans have pursued a communion with our underlying unity via scientific, religious, spiritual, philosophic, environmental, indigenous perspectives, and more. It ultimately delivers an expansive worldview and a compelling environmental ethic designed to re-ground our essentially creative human nature within the larger universal creation process.

These are the stories of us in our striving billions, woven together in an informative celebratory narrative that brings our diverse world-healing efforts alive, front and center for all to see. …humanity moving past climate theory, discussion and debate into decisive, active engagement; the true global awakening and life-saving transformation that’s happening all around us in real time.

Part III’s Next Steps investigates striking possibilities, living examples, and forward-looking strategies for healing our world from this new perspective. They all integrate Part II’s oneness wisdom into unifying modes of action that we each can do, right now, at every different scale from the individual to the global, to turn our ship around.

The Epilogue looks playfully at a future human world that has successfully broken through to a newly awakened mode of functioning.

Awakening into Unity thus embodies the heart and soul, the living spirit of this Earth-healing movement, at this pivotal moment. In spite of recent setbacks, we’re still definitely all in this together, for the long run. As the incredible turn-out at recent People’s Climate Marches all over the world attests, we’re all more committed and engaged than ever before.

On behalf of our 15-member project team, I hope our work will continue to inspire you to have the confidence necessary to make the changes that are exceptionally meaningful for you, and critical for our world, in the immediate future.

So please help us make a bigger impact with this work: When you go to purchase your copy(ies), please put in a good word and a high rating for primamundi.com, the Global Awakening series, and this book, at your venue of choice (you can access all print and eBook sales venues here): https://primamundi.com/about/lees-offerings/volume-1-awakening-into-unity/

Now is the Perfect Time to Take Advantage of This Unbeatable Book Launch Discount!

Our e-book distribution partner, Google, is now offering the complete e-book at a whopping 50% discount – you pay just $9.99!! And you can preview the first 1/3 of the book online, then order and read it here, today: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Lee_Temple_AWAKENING_INTO_UNITY?id=Ih64DgAAQBAJ

Other News

Check Out Our New, Improved Website!!

When you visit, you’ll see a brighter, fresher new look. Thayne Rigby and his team at vsquaredcreative.com have spent the past month making PrimaMundi.com more visually beautiful, mobile-friendly, and thoroughly up-to-date. We’re very proud of the great new look they brought forth!!

Many of you already know that I gave a rare speech to kick off the book launch. When you visit the new PrimaMundi.com home page, scroll down below the book announcement, and you’ll see the video link. It was presented during the recent “Wisdom Keepers in Crestone” gathering. I was graciously invited to keynote the event and the ensuing weekend, a Future Search conference for our town, in addition to announcing the book launch.

Look for Awakening Into Unity at the Book Expo and ALA!

Our publisher, Shining Golden Suns, LLC, is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and has arranged for Awakening Into Unity to be featured in the IBPA display at the upcoming BookExpo, the best, biggest venue for publishing today.

BookExpo is evolving to lead the global publishing industry to its consumer driven future and celebrate storytelling in all its forms. It’s the place where industry, authors and readers converge to define the new publishing universe.

The event will be held from May 31st to June 2nd, at the Javits Center in New York City.

Look for Awakening Into Unity there!

The book will also be featured at ensuing book fairs and competitions worldwide, including the upcoming Book Excellence Awards and American Library Association (www.ala.org) Annual Chicago Conference and Exhibition, June 22-27.

And speaking of being recognized by prestigious libraries, we’re honored to announce that Awakening Into Unity will soon be on file in the library system at Cornell University.

New Publishing Ally and Guest Blog

We’re quite happy and thrilled to announce our new featured PrimaMundi.com Publishing Ally, Constance Kellough, Publisher at Namaste Publishing.

Namaste, as many of you know, is the publisher of many important authors and their seminal works, including Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown, Matthew Fox, Catherine Bell, Kurt Johnson and many other vital thought leaders of our time.

With the motto, “books that change your life,” I’m sure most of us reading this have been touched many, many times by Namaste’s ground-breaking work over the past several decades. There is a natural affinity and correlation between PrimaMundi and Namaste, and we look forward to great and mutually supportive collaborations in the future.

Namaste Publishing is a passionate, spiritually-oriented team who publish books, DVDs, and other materials that enrich our experience of stillness, oneness, love, and service. 

Constance Kellough, Meditation Teacher

Now Ms. Kellough has launched her own marvelous, inspiring, and important new teaching effort, innerbodymeditation.com whose focus is based on the fundamental, unifying truth that “All of consciousness is held within the body, and Innerbody Meditation brings our awareness to this and our experience of it.”

We are very proud to feature a guest blog by Constance, in which she elaborates further on the nature and importance of this new teaching.





Thanks so much for participating in our massive global rebirth, and for being an important part of our PrimaMundi.com family!  It’s so encouraging to see our numbers grow as time goes by. We are indeed expanding, and making an important impact.

PrimaMundi now includes thousands of followers, hundreds of Allies, and dozens of Partners from over eighty countries all over the globe. Our blog has recently been recognized as one of the top 40 blogs on global warming worldwide, by FeedSpot.

In the time since my last update, we’ve truly become a global family supporting the Earth-healing movement from me-first to world-first, where every effort matters, and everybody counts. Please be sure to visit us often for current news blog posts, book and webinar launch updates, networking, learning and sharing opportunities, and much, much more. And you can sign up to receive your own free e-copy of my TEN STEPS to a Healthier, Safer Planet here, if you haven’t already done so.

Please feel free to share this update with your friends, associates, and change networks. It is truly an honor to be doing this work with you.

In Solidarity, Unity and Love,