Warm Greetings to everyone in the PrimaMundi.com family!

Spring has come early to the high desert of Colorado, with sunny days, warmer temperatures, green shoots and melting snow. The birds have already been busy, as have we.

Although this winter was less than quiescent for me (and fond memories of last Fall’s People’s Climate March in Manhattan still enthrall me from time to time), I’m happy to report renewed enthusiasm in our work, and the launching of the next two books in the Global Awakening series.  These last two overview volumes are truly important works.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be putting out Volume 3, Glimpses of Oneness.  I’m so pleased with how this volume came together – it’s one of my proudest accomplishments.

Chock full of inspiration, great images and revealing glimpses of seminal aspects of the complete work, these brief essays sketch various facets of my life’s awakening. These often playful fables share inspiring nuances of the unity perspective, as seen in a daily life context easily recognizable to all. Each represents a pivotal moment in or aspect of my development.

Some stories are experience-basScreen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.03.00 PMed, presented more or less chronologically as they appeared during a fifty-year arc of my life’s trajectory. Others document forms that emerged for me as direct results of these oneness experiences: archetypal sketches, structural diagrams, integrative exercises and techniques, and relational revelations of some of unity’s deep truths. I also share how I’ve put these gifts into practice in my work through the past few decades.

For those of you interested in knowing more about the deep inner vision that informs the entire series, Glimpses will be a great and helpful resource for learning about it in detail.

In the next few months (we hope by June), we’ll also be launching the massive Volume 1, Awakening into Unity, the Complete Series Reader.  It will be the first volume to cover the full breadth and depth of the work all in one place.  As you might imagine, this volume is a massive undertaking in its own right. At about 300 full-color, illustrated pages, Awakening into Unity will become the definitive resource for the Global Awakening series.

I am truly thrilled about launching this volume, because it will be the core text for our first online webinar series that, God willing, we’ll launch later this year.

Please visit either of these two primamundi.com locations to learn more about Volume 1’s content: https://primamundi.com/store-freebies/free-learning-library/  (Lee’s Shift Network article) or the webinar: https://primamundi.com/global-awakening-a-3-part-webinar/ .

We’ll update webinar details and enrollment instructions as we get closer to launch, but one thing I can already share with you is that a printed copy of this massive Awakening into Unity series reader volume will be included as part of the enrollment price. This volume and its companion webinar will truly provide, as James O’Dea has said, “all we need to make informed choices and take wise action.”

Stay tuned for more information on these two exciting volumes and our first webinar!

Friends, as stories in this newsletter attest, our world is in the throes of some pretty massive transformation. To paraphrase the great Jerry Lee Lewis, there’s just “a whole lot of shiftin’ going on”!  Some of us have a great deal of resistance to such changes, while others can’t wait for them to happen, and of course others feel pretty much everything in between.

I hope our work will inspire you to have the confidence necessary to make the changes that are exceptionally meaningful for you, and critical for our world, in the immediate future. If there’s one thing that the climate march made abundantly clear to the whole planet, it’s that we’re definitely all in this together, for the long run.

Thanks so much for participating in this massive global rebirth, and for being an important part of our PrimaMundi.com family!  It’s so encouraging to see our numbers grow as time goes by.  Be sure to visit us often for blogs, book and webinar launch updates, networking, learning and sharing opportunities, and much, much more.  I wish you all a happy, healthy, hopeful spring!

All My Love,