Our next president needs to be a real climate leader. That means supporting a Green New Deal to create millions of good jobs transitioning to the 100% renewable energy-powered economy we need, opposing climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects, and refusing to take big polluters’ money. See where all the candidates stand—then, take action.

No one is getting an A+ on this climate test just for admitting that the climate crisis is happening. Real climate leadership means real commitment to bold action. We’re grading the candidates on these 3 questions:

The Green New Deal: Have they voted for or publicly supported a Green New Deal, as defined by the resolutions introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey?

The Keep it in the Ground Test: Climate science demands we rapidly transition away from fossil fuels. Have they taken actions to keep fossil fuels in the ground by opposing new coal, oil, and gas projects?

The No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: Have they signed the pledge to refuse money from oil, coal, and gas corporations?

You can mouse over each candidate’s score for more information on how they received their grade on each issue, or check out our research and tracking document here for more detail. If you have questions, concerns, or new information — or if you’re a candidate who thinks your score on an issue should be changed — feel free to reach out to us at 350action@350.org.