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Some 75% of surveyed Americans would jump at a ‘green’ job in solar, wind or EVs, which tend to pay 21% more

On November 3rd, 2022

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Solar-finance company Mosaic says its survey shows one-third believe their current education and experience well-position them for a clean energy job shift, while two-thirds believe they need on-the-job training

Roughly 75% of Americans like the idea of a well-paying, secure job in what some have billed the green Industrial Revolution — a stronger shift in coming months, years and decades to transition the country off traditional energy sources and into sustainable alternatives, a survey out Tuesday shows.

That might include wind, solar and nuclear energy, and an upgraded power grid, all areas that require engineers, software developers, solar-panel installers, HVAC technicians, finance professionals and more.

Respondents do want on-the-job training if they’re making a big jump to these new roles, as some are concerned existing skill sets might not easily transfer.


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