“A vital book” — Bill McKibben

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.35.44 PM“Our hypermodern societies currently possess only a kindergarten-level understanding of the deeply relational nature of reality.”

Relational Reality reveals the coherence among numerous surprising discoveries of the interrelated nature of reality, most of which were made since the mid-2000s. Kindred discoveries in the 20th century in physics, chaos theory, and complexity studies did not effect widespread change in our systems of knowledge and our institutions, perhaps because most people considered them too abstract to be relevant, but the new wave of discoveries are very concrete and accessible (many are in human physiology). The applications of these recent and unexpected findings about dynamic interrelatedness as the way of the world are now transforming every mainstream field of human endeavor. All our basic assumptions (built on the old idea that everything in the physical world is essentially separate and functions mechanistically) are being reconsidered. No longer a marginal perspective, the Relational Shift is based on the realization that all entities in this world, including humans, are thoroughly relational beings of great complexity that are both composed of and nested within networks of creative, dynamic interrelationships. Nothing exists outside of those relationships. As we try to grasp the interrelated nature of reality, emergent relational approaches are already transforming the way we educate our children, attend to our health, design our hospitals, green our communities, and rethink economic activity. New analyses of the crises of modernity and abundant new solutions are the result.

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