Reposted from Yahoo! News (4/21/15) London (AFP) – A group of top international experts on Wednesday urged governments to stick to their promises to combat climate change and said the aim should be to create a “zero-carbon society” by 2050.

 To coincide with Earth Day, research institute The Earth League published a statement warning that 2015 would be “a critical year for humanity” ahead of a global warming summit in Paris in December.

World leaders will also meet this year to discuss financing for developing countries and UN sustainable development goals are due to be adopted in September.

“Our civilisation has never faced such existential risks as those associated with global warming, biodiversity erosion and resource depletion,” said the statement, unveiled in London by Earth League chairman Johan Rockstrom and climate scientist Brian Hoskins.

Rockstrom said the window of opportunity for keeping warming below the 2.0 degrees celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) target agreed by politicians was “still open, but barely”.

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