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Top Countries Leading the Way in Solar

By Mary Sauer

All over the world, businesses and households are relying on solar energy as their primary source of energy. These countries understand just how important making this change is for the environment, for the economies of their countries, and the individuals living within them.

Certain countries stand above the rest, leading the way in embracing solar energy. While we all understand there is still much progress to be made, we want to take the time to recognize the remarkable accomplishments certain countries have accomplished by buckling down and taking seriously their role in creating a sustainable way of living. 


For the last five years, Germany has led to pack when it comes to solar panel installations. In fact, there have been times over the last half decade that Germany has been able to boast of deriving over 50 percent of the nation’s energy from solar sources. The country also has big plans for the future, aiming to rely on solar or wind energy 100 percent of the time by the year 2050.


The world’s most populous country was practically forced to take solar energy seriously because of the dangerous levels of air pollution the country has experienced. And being the country with the largest population means China has the greatest need for electricity. Solar energy has been an alternative and limitless method for China to meet its energy needs while focusing on lowering the country’s carbon footprint. In the year 2015, China increased their solar generation by 74 percent. Their installations of solar panels surpassed global records last year as well, with 32.5 gigawatts installed in a single year.


In recent years, Japan has made considerable steps toward their goal of doubling the amount of energy derived from renewable sources by the year 2030. Japan faces unique challenges, specifically a lack of space for solar panels as one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Still, these challenges are not slowing Japan down, and they continue to be among the top countries leading the way in solar installations. For short periods of the year 2015, Japan was able to rely on solar to generate 10 percent of their nation’s energy and is projecting to increase that number to 20 percent by the year 2030.


Italy may be small, but their size is not a deterrent. Italy consistently obtains 7.8 percent of its energy from solar, a higher percentage than any other country, making it one of the leading countries in the world of solar technology. At this time, the rapid growth of solar installations has slowed considerably, largely due to the expiration of tax incentives previously available to those investing in solar energy. 

solar-powerUnited States

Even though the United States is only in fifth place when it comes to solar installations, our country is still making impressive strides toward a greater reliance on solar energy. In the year 2014 alone, the United States was able to increase its solar output by 30 percent.

At Modernize, we believe strongly that the whole world will benefit when more countries embrace initiatives to further their reliance of energy derived from renewable sources. With continued advances in solar technology. along with decreasing prices, we hope to see more countries lead the world toward a more sustainable way of life for us all.