WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 30 March 2020

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are. The COVID-19 pandemic is straining health systems in many countries.


Coronavirus Cases

There are currently 783,171 confirmed cases and 37,743 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 30, 2020, 23:26 GMT.


Stories of caremongering during the COVID-19 pandemic

Some Canadians are rising to the challenge of a worsening novel coronavirus outbreak, going out of their way to be kind.

Across Canada, regular citizens have been volunteering to help neighbours, run errands and provide food. Social media groups have sprung up on Facebook to connect volunteers with those in need. Inspired by medical students at Western University, peers at a number of universities are preparing to help health workers with child care. And the owner of restaurant chain Paramount Fine Foods has promised to supply a different Toronto-area food bank every day.

Kyle Ashley, who works in advertising in Toronto, posted a sign in the lobby of his downtown building offering to provide whatever assistance he could. He hadn’t been called upon as of Sunday morning, but the tires on his bike were pumped up and he was ready to go anywhere in the city.


JP Morgan economists warn climate crisis is threat to human race

The world’s largest financier of fossil fuels has warned clients that the climate crisis threatens the survival of humanity and that the planet is on an unsustainable trajectory, according to a leaked document.


Climate crisis: "Ocean temperatures hit record high- rate of heating accelerates"

The World’s Oceans Were The Hottest In Recorded History In 2019. Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

Oceans are clearest measure of climate crisis as they absorb 90% of heat trapped by greenhouse gases


Reshape economy to fight climate crisis, says Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales has urged business and political leaders at Davos to embrace a radical reshaping of economies and markets in order to tackle the climate crisis.


World 'losing battle against deforestation'

A historic global agreement aimed at halting deforestation has failed, according to a report. An assessment of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) says it has failed to deliver on key pledges.


Training tomorrow's global climate leaders today.

Support the Global Climate Corps - Leaders are not created overnight. Addressing the causes and impacts of climate change will require vision, dedication, and skills. At the Global Climate Corps we are dedicated to building leaders who are equipped and ready to address the challenges of the future by providing specialized programs in multiple locations around the world.


A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia’s fires

As fires continue to rip through Australia, some devastating numbers are emerging: At least 24 people killed. More than 15.6 million acres torched. Over 1,400 homes destroyed. And, according to one biodiversity expert’s count, an estimated 1 billion animals killed.

That last number is staggeringly huge, and has begun to make the rounds on social media. You might be wondering: How are so many animals dying? And how do we know the number of animals killed?


Go Green: Eco-Friendly Products We Should All Be Using

After the shocking wake-up call of the documentary Blue Planet, more and more people are waking up to the unsustainable way humans are living. In fact, 97% of climate scientists agree we are facing a global warming emergency. But there’s hope for our planet. If we all do our part to make ourselves a little bit greener, then we can drastically reduce the issues our planet is facing. In this post, you’ll discover some easy swaps to eco-friendly products you can make today to do your part.