A French energy company is a step closer to bringing the world’s first grid-­connected tidal array online.

Over the weekend, the second of two turbines was lowered into the water off the coast of Brittany. The first turbine was installed in January.

The Paimpol-Bréhat tidal array project and the energy it generates is owned by EDF, a French electric utility company, but the turbines are being built and installed by OpenHydro, a DCNS company. DCNS is a naval defense and energy firm in France.

“OpenHydro, DCNS and EDF have worked hand in hand to deliver this milestone for the tidal energy industry,” James Ives, CEO of OpenHydro, said in a news release. “Paimpol-Bréhat is a global industry first; giving us key insights into the operation of our turbines at array scale.”