We told you recently how beer might save the planet (by helping to reduce the amount of CO2 (or if you prefer, carbon dioxide) which is going into the atmosphere, and warming up the planet) .

Now, you can add cement to that list of planet-savers.

Ok, so cement as a subject is not as interesting as beer – and unless you’re in the construction business, odds are you’ve probably never ordered a round of cement.

But if there were a popularity contest, cement beats beer, hands down. In fact, we humans “consume” (that’s the word from the statisticians, but “use” sounds better) more concrete than any other substance but one (water). And the main ingredient of concrete is: cement.

Case in point; last year, we went through more than 4,600 MILLION TONS of cement – which is a lot of anything. But that also means, when there is good news about cement – it’s a lot of good news.

And in this case, the good news is about reducing CO2 emissions by – using some of that carbon dioxide to make cement.