We are pleased to announced that Primamundi.com founder Lee Temple will be giving the keynote speech at the Crestone Energy Fair on Saturday, August 17th, and we’re happy to invite everyone to stop by to share in the learning, celebrations, and to hear Lee’s speech.

Climate Solutions NOW for Seven Generations – The Crestone Energy Fair is celebrating it’s 30th year in 2019. This special event serves as a meeting place for education, sharing solutions and providing an opportunity for the community of Crestone to explore the topics of sustainable building and energy generation.

This year we are focusing on two primary themes: 1) Physical skills necessary for sustainable building and energy generation on Saturday, August 17th 2) Emotional and spiritual skills which include workshops and disciplines that teach and promote health, wellness, and relationship building on Sunday, August 18th. Both dimensions of our lives interact and are mutually supportive. We invite you to come explore, learn and share your wisdom and skills at our Fair. We also invite you to write us and share your vision and solutions in what we hope will become an ongoing community conversation after the Fair is over.

VISIT THEIR WEBSITE AT crestoneenergyfair.org