Money is necessary to make a movie but difficult to acquire with no filmmaking experience and only a crazy idea. I approached quite a few production companies with Unbranded but they either wanted total creative control or money upfront. We didn’t have any money and didn’t want Unbranded to be junk TV so we decided to do it on our own through a relatively new website called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site where a user posts a video, describes their project, sets a dollar goal, and targets a specific time frame. Donors give money and in return have the satisfaction of bringing a project to life as well as rewards that depend on the size of their contribution (such as a DVD or book.) If you don’t reach your goal during the time frame, no one’s credit card is processed and you get nothing. We put all of our eggs in one basket, shot for the stars with a $150,000 goal, made a forty-five day time frame, and began the preparation process.

The first, and most crucial component of our Kickstarter campaign was creating a quality video that could go viral. We accomplished this by making a stunning four minute video shot by Denver Miller, Phill Baribeau, and myself. It was then edited by Phill Baribeau. My skin crawls at the memory of seeing the video for the first time, watching it really sunk in the enormity of the task we had chosen. The video was amazing but needed a way to reach the masses.