Note from Lee Temple:

Although the U.S. government has invested heavily in Cleantech, the successful rollout of new energy technology has proven elusive due to the great recession, challenging economics, ongoing fossil fuel subsidies, the lack of a carbon tax, etc.  While the U.S. remains non-unified in its embrace of the Green industries of the future, other countries are surpassing us in this important and potentially lucrative area of earth healing.  In a pluralist society where there are so many varying opinions about how things should be done, it is very difficult to agree in a unified way about how to proceed and share values that point back to sustaining life and respecting the health of our earth. This video tells the story of these unfortunate consequences of our political and corporate me-first agendas.

The following is a script and video from “The Cleantech Crash” which aired on Jan. 5, 2014 on 60 Minutes. Lesley Stahl is the correspondent. Shachar Bar-On, producer.giant pile of woodchips

 About a decade ago, the smart people who funded the Internet turned their attention to the energy sector, rallying tech engineers to invent ways to get us off fossil fuels, devise powerful solar panels, clean cars, and futuristic batteries. The idea got a catchy name: “Cleantech.”   Read entire article and watch video here…