We love what Kimbowa Margaret is doing and we encourage your to support the cause.  Please see some of her story below and visit her gogetfunding page.


My name is Margaret, I’m a mother of 5 and I have a self sustaining proposition that can positively impact and contribute to the reduction of climate change in my country Uganda and the neighboring countries in East Africa.

Country wide we currently rely on charcoal to cook food, this has led to rampant deforestation which is now at an alarming 200,000 hectares every year.

What is so sadly happening now is that fruit trees are now targeted and cut down to be burnt to make charcoal. This saddens my heart so much that I started thinking of a way to save them from being deforestated.

I asked myself: “What if one could make it unprofitable to cut down these fruits trees, what if it could be profitable for the average citizen to plant more of these majestic tall trees? What a wonderful world that would be!”

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