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‘Space hurricanes’ swirling over the Earth surprise scientists

On December 26th, 2022

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Global Haps

Cyclone-like auroras near the North Pole, dubbed space hurricanes, can transfer large amounts of energy from the sun to Earth’s upper atmosphere

We have another scientific marvel for Hollywood to someday butcher: space hurricanes.

Last year, scientists announced they had discovered cyclone-like auroras near the North Pole. Over 600 miles in diameter with multiple arms that rotate counterclockwise, they contain a calm center, or eye, and “rain” electrons into the upper atmosphere. The team dubbed them “space hurricanes” for their 3D funnel shape.

“[They’re] occurring where nobody looked and occurring under conditions where nobody thought anything was happening,” said Larry Lyons, who is co-author of a study on the space hurricanes as well as a space physicist at UCLA. “It’s just a matter of opening your eyes.”


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