Solar Energy: Today’s Resource for a Brighter Tomorrow

Utility company electricity rates, state policies and mother nature all play roles in determining whether a solar system on your house is a smart move. Find out how sustainable solar is in your neck of the woods …

At Let’s Go Solar, they are here to make the solar industry more transparent. We answer the questions that so many others hedge: How much does a solar panel cost? How big will your solar system need to be? What are all the underlying costs involved?

While much of the energy economy runs on keeping the conversation vague and complex, we give you basic lay-of-the-land answers so you can ask the right questions moving forward. Whether you’re simply testing the waters of going solar or you’re delving into more complex topics like financing options and state policies, we provide actionable expert insights to help you make the smart solar decision for your home.

Here’s what Let’s Go Solar offers: Step-by-step solar instructions. Explanations on all the facets of solar through understandable charts, checklists, quizzes and state-specific scenarios. Advice from long-time industry experts. And lots of resources to help you drill down to get your solar questions answered.

We want you to feel confident finding the best solar solution for your home.