One of the great benefits the Internet offers is a seemingly endless supply of information on any subject you may ever wish to research. At Open Educators, we realize this vastness of resources can also be daunting, and can pose some important considerations:

            What makes one resource more reliable than another?

            What research has been done to support the shared knowledge on any given website?

            How do I know I’m getting the best information?

We strive to take this guesswork out of education for you by sharing the most reputable, highly-researched articles and content the web has to offer. We work directly with teachers and other public education groups to ensure we are working toward our vision of constructing a reliable database of verified information. Because our passion is to build a strong educational foundation for our audience and yours, we never charge for our services.

If you would like our assistance in researching or spreading awareness on a topic of interest that benefits the public as a whole, please contact us today.