From Moyers & Company, 9/12/14 (With some fantastic links to this week’s activities and actions)

This past Sunday, Sept. 21, a climate march through midtown Manhattan kicked off a week of high-profile climate events in the Big Apple. Promoted as an effort to bring unprecedented attention to climate change, the gathering comes just as international climate negotiations ramp up in a major push toward a new global accord. The People’s Climate March, being called the “largest climate march in history” by organizers, will potentially draw over a hundred thousand people to walk through Manhattan and show a level of demand for action not seen since the era of Civil Rights marches and anti-Vietnam protests.

The day after the march, a United Nations summit on the climate crisis will bring together world leaders, business executives and activist groups in an attempt to galvanize action for a global climate deal to follow the Kyoto Protocol. While not an official UN negotiating session, leaders have been invited to announce “significant and substantial initiatives to help move the world toward a path that will limit global warming.”

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