This is the time that we let go of the previous year and embrace the new one. To wisely let go and then wisely join anew can be challenging. It is evident how difficult 2020 has been for many of us across the globe: cyclone-speed change, ongoing conflict and polarization, high uncertainty, and prolonged hyper-vigilance as we all respond to the COVID pandemic. This all on a collective level.  Add the challenges in our personal lives, and we have had one heavy, burdensome year.

Admitting 2020 was a year of struggle, we can end it by giving ourselves credit that we did the best we could for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities and by acknowledging how we have grown in love, acceptance, and gratitude for our blessings.

But HOW can we just drop the sadness, the heaviness we feel that still weighs us down?

We can’t. When we ring in 2021, we will still be carrying the effects of 2020.  It will take time to slough off the weight of this year and feel more buoyant. Let’s acknowledge this and not be hard on ourselves when we still feel stressed and anxious for some time. Adjusting to accelerated change and healing takes time.

Let’s enter 2021 with the intention of bringing in more light and joy in whatever way we can. Step-by-step. I feel people are already feeling the need for this and hold to the intention to do so.  As an example, on my street alone, festive lights this year have gone up in larger quantities and on most homes for the first time in many years. In support of their intention, some will leave their festive lights up longer or may start to light candles more often.

Above all, let us remember we have the light of consciousness within our bodies.  Every one of the 70-100 trillion cells in our body gives off biophotonic light, a light that is so rarified it can’t be seen by the human eye. And the more rarified the light, the higher the consciousness it emits. There is inestimable power in the love, joy, peace, wisdom, and creative capacity of the light of higher consciousness. And we actually carry this light within us all the time. It is there just awaiting our recognition of it, our further igniting of it through our intention and attention.

Sri Aurobindo, Indian philosopher and guru, and his then-contemporary Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, philosopher and Christian mystic, as well as the Christian Apostle St. Paul, all predicted a spiritual transition or awakening. Each saw the body as being the bridge to higher consciousness.  St. Paul called this evolutionary leap the “Resurrection”, a time when we will witness a progressive resurrection of the body into light.

Because of the spiritual law “As within so without”, the light we see outside of us is but a mere reflection of the light within us. Although it may not be evident to us at times, the light is always within us. So let us in 2021 move to become more aware of and experience the light of this love consciousness we have within our very bodies. In that way, we should see more evidence of it in our world.

Blessings & Namaste,

Constance Kellough