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Welcome to A Global Awakening

Key Org: Center for Nature & Leadership

The Center for Nature and Leadership is a community of change agents, social entrepreneurs, educators, corporate execs, and non-profit leaders. We support folks ready to jump into their encore career and recent college grads dedicated to making a difference in the world. Our unique approach is centered on:

Nature-Based Leadership Development

A nature-based leadership development approach that integrates modern and indigenous practices, quickly getting you in touch with your personal impact, greatest passion, creativity and stewardship.


Cross-Generational & Focused Programming

A cross-generational as well as focused programming approach to our programming that insures the wisdom inherent in all generations can be shared and celebrated.

Diverse Mentoring & Networking Community

Cultivating a mentoring and networking community with diverse professional and life experiences to challenge and push you beyond the boundaries you’ve set for yourself.


The Tree and the Hoop is an image of human wholeness and is derived from Taoist and Native American cultures. The tree symbolizes personal aspiration, development, goals and achievement — in short, personal leadership. In Native American cultures, the hoop represents relationship in all its aspects, including earth, family and community. The hoop of the yin-yang symbol represents being and flowing in “right relationship” with the way of nature. We, at the Center for Nature and Leadership, believe the hoop also symbolizes “right work” — doing the work that is only yours to do for the people and places that you care about most.

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