Dear Friends,

I’d like to share a brief note celebrating an auspicious 2014 for everyone in the PrimaMundi community, and encouraging the eminent success of all our New Year’s intentions and resolutions.  While winter’s deep stillness and hence her blessed and holy retreat still enfold us during the holidays, we can nevertheless already detect stirrings of new life under our cozy blanket of snow; stirrings that are embodied in hopeful, prayerful New Year’s resolutions and decrees the world over. 

Here’s a brief seed intention of my own, and it comes in the form of a tiny glimpse into the new and better world that we’re intending to create together.  This is the world we’re calling our “Prima Mundi.”  Billions of us in millions of organizations and efforts all around the world already engage consciously each and every day to help bring this new world alive.  So at this special time of the year, I like to frame my highest and best intentions in terms of “Happy New World,” instead of just “Happy New Year.”

“Imagine a holiday, such as the New Year, that the whole world celebrates together. For one night, everyone everywhere focuses on renewal and the potential for positive change. We also have the globally recognized Earth Day.  Now, we need more such joy-filled international festivals, ceremonies and events. We can celebrate our progress in reducing carbon in the global atmosphere and restoring our ecosystems and global commons, like the milestone Earth passed recently, of having 20% of our global energy production come from green energy sources. There can be a much greater ramping up of the global cause for celebration as we begin to see even more significant and palpable differences being made in the global atmospheric carbon and broader ecological footprints.  We can hold events that unite and awaken global consciousness and make them annual festivals or combine them with existing holidays.”

This quote is from my forthcoming volume,  Awakening Into Unity, The Global Awakening Series Reader , Part III, Chapter 19, Next Steps For the U.N. and the World.

I can’t wait until we’re celebrating the achievement of 30%, 40%, 50% and more, on the way to our Happy New World of robustly healthy earthly life and global carbon neutrality!

Happy New World, one and All,


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