Governor Jared Polis of Colorado signed seven major new bills into law today that will significantly transform Colorado’s energy and environmental landscape, and are a strong first step to reach 100% clean, renewable electricity across the state. The bills signed by the Governor today are seven out of many total climate or clean energy-related bills he’s signing throughout the week.

After years of slow progress on climate and clean energy in the state Capitol, the Colorado Sierra Club mobilized its 100,000 members and supporters across Colorado to encourage Governor Jared Polis to establish a 100% renewable energy campaign platform, and to flip the state senate so both chambers in the Colorado legislature had a pro-conservation majority. After today’s passage of the strongest climate and clean energy legislation in recent Colorado history, the Colorado Sierra Club looks forward to continuing to support the Polis administration in formalizing a commitment to 100% clean electricity, and achieving a just and equitable transition to clean, renewable energy across the state.