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Welcome to A Global Awakening

Upcoming: Mini-Series

An Introduction to The Global Awakening Series: A 3-Part Mini-Series Webinar Providing Context, Tools, and Mapping for Individual and Cultural Transformation and Action.

(EXACT DATES TBA but will include 3 1-Hour Webinars.)

  • Guide/Instructor: Lee Temple
  • How: Webcast (Dial in and View Video Screenshare options)

Cost: TBA (includes sliding scale for income ranges accessibility)

Primamundi.com's Lee Temple (middle) sharing a fun moment with Bill McKibben, author of the Global Awakening series Foreword, and Orion Magazine's Madeline Cantwell, at the 2014 People's Climate March in New York City.

Comes with audio mp3 recordings of each session and a free full color PDF of "Ten Steps to a Healthier, Safer Planet (pictured at right) and includes a copy of Volume 1, Awakening into Unity, The Complete Series Reader -- which serves as the webinar's core text

Provides extraordinary context and a platform for deep understanding and subsequent action.

This mini series is offered by a wisdom gatherer committed to combining our world's greatest lineages and blends of science, environmentalism, and spirituality to help us create an achievable plan and map for humanity's current potential leap in consciousness and sustainability.

Session 1: The Global Awakening and Understanding our Grand Universal Lineage. Lee Temple will guide us in a potent overview of where we've been as an evolving humanity and the context of interconnection and relationship we've shared with the greater cosmos and sentient life, which is the backdrop for what he calls our underlying "Contextual Unity."  This is what allows us all to exist here on Earth as we do today.  A more complete understanding of it is an essential component of, and precursor to, our global awakening.   He'll bring us into a heightened awareness of how this supports our complex moment in time as we face what seem to be insurmountable issues both with climate and earth herself but also across the board in politics, wars, and destructive patterns that are not life-affirming.

Recommended Reading: The Universe Story by Swimme and Berry, Maps of Time by David Christian

Session 2: Global Awakening and The Grand Integration. Coming to present times in this 3-part series, Lee will provide us with a full blend of wisdom and science, spirituality and ecological truths, to frame the crises we face as opportunities of great magnitude. We will be looking at the internal integration process and how it relates to everything external. We will branch out into many different ways of understanding human unity: human groups, activities, philosophies and movements, etc.  Then we'll investigate how this human unity perspective has been (and is being) used to facilitate greater care for the planet—a prerequisite for our comprehensive success at dealing with climate change.

Recommended ReadingA Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber. Relational Reality by Charlene Spretnack

Session 3: Global Awakening and Next Steps.  In the final session of this mini series Lee will combine the great maps of history and our current challenges and opportunities to outline the most basic yet critical things we all can do now, for both individual and planetary life-affirmation, sustainability, and even thriving. We will investigate striking possibilities, living examples, and forward-looking strategies for healing our world from this new perspective.  They all integrate the oneness-wisdom of Session II into comprehensive, unifying modes of action that each of us can do. We can do these right now, at many different scales, from the individual up to the planetary, and everything in between.

Recommended Reading: The Great Turning by David Korten. Choosing a Sustainable Future by Liz Walker. Hope for Animals and Their World by Jane Goodall et al.

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