Yo-Yo Ma encourages 'Songs of Comfort' amid global crisis

Yo-Yo Ma, one of the world’s most renowned and beloved musicians, is trying to provide comfort in this time of crisis. Ma has been posting videos of himself performing short pieces and encouraging other musicians -- of all levels -- around the world to join him in offering “Songs of Comfort.” Ma joins Jeffrey Brown to discuss the project and play Dvorak.


Household Conservation Tips

More and more people are beginning to take action to combat climate change and reverse the negative impact human activity has had on the ecosystem.  Some are changing wasteful habits, others are protesting for change at a higher level, and still more are taking up conservation efforts not to save the environment but to save money!


'Mass Murder': New Report Says Air Pollution From Fossil Fuel Combustion Causing 4.5 Million Deaths Each Year

The burning of fossil fuels is responsible for 4.5 million premature deaths worldwide annually and costs the world $8 billion daily, research released Tuesday found, underscoring the cruelty and fiscal folly of the Trump administration's energy agenda.


What Green Costs

Thea Riofrancos

Deep in the salt flats of Chile lies the extractive frontier of the renewable energy transition.

Clean energy advocates envision an electrified home running on 100 percent renewable energy with a Tesla parked in its garage, solar shingles gleaming on its rooftop, and a smart meter dutifully collecting usage data and uploading it to the cloud. But swim upstream and eventually you arrive at the extractive frontiers of the renewable energy transition.


Life without plastic website

Do you want to go plastic-free but feel overwhelmed and don't know where or how to start? We want to help by making it fun and exciting. Reducing your plastic footprint is a step-by-step process ... ironically! Many people making a small change can create major positive impacts around the world.


The world’s leading resource for climate solutions.

Project Drawdown is a global research organization that identifies, reviews, and analyzes the most viable solutions to climate change, and shares these findings with the world.


Coal power becoming 'uninsurable' as firms refuse cover

The number of insurers withdrawing cover for coal projects more than doubled this year and for the first time US companies have taken action, leaving Lloyd’s of London and Asian insurers as the “last resort” for fossil fuels, according to a report.


Paradise community gathers on anniversary of Camp Fire

One year after Paradise burned, hundreds of people gathered in the parking lot of a former bank building in the Northern California town to pause for 85 seconds — one for each person who died.


Bill McKibben on U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Accord, California Fires, Climate Refugees & More

The Trump administration notified the United Nations Monday that it would withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris climate agreement, starting a year-long process to leave the international pact to fight the climate crisis. The United States — the world’s largest historic greenhouse gas emitter — will become the only country outside the accord. Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal came on the first day possible under the agreement’s rules.


Planting Billions of Trees Is the 'Best Climate Change Solution Available Today,' Study Finds

Planting more than 500 billion trees could remove around 25 percent of existing carbon from the atmosphere, a new study has found. What's more: there's enough space to do it.