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Volume 3: Glimpses of Oneness

Glimpses of Oneness, Facets of the Unity Perspective: The Global Awakening Series, Volume 3


This overview volume-Glimpses of Oneness- presents a series of brief essays that sketch various facets of my own life's awakening. These often playful fables share inspiring nuances of the unity perspective, as seen in a daily life context that is easily recognizable to all. Each represents a pivotal moment in or aspect of my evolutionary development. Some are experience-based, and are presented more or less chronologically as they appeared during a fifty-year arc of my life's trajectory. Others chronicle some of the forms that have emerged for me as a direct result of these important oneness experiences: Archetypal sketches, structural diagrams, integrative exercises and techniques, and relational revelations of some of unity's deeper truths.

I also share how I've put these gifts into practice as my work has unfolded over the past few decades. My hope is that these brief, faceted glimpses will work well with our contemporary time constraints and attention spans, and that their diversity of content will effectively engage an equally diverse audience. My life's teaching has revealed many ways to experience "becoming the mountain" of oneness-from individual internal integration and uniting with the world at large, to uniting various aspects of our world.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Volume 3: Most Helpful Customer Reviews Innovative, creative and enlightening. - By Bill Bauman on July 7, 2015

I loved Lee Temple's first two volumes of his "Global Awakening" series, but this third volume touched my heart even more deeply. Lee's grasp of this mysterious phenomenon of oneness and his clarity in putting its invisible power into feel-able language brought me into a space or zone that made oneness totally real for me. Also, the beauty, artistic quality and creative design of this volume spoke to my right brain and heart in ways that supported Lee's powerful message. Lee's writing is among the most powerfully and lucidly written expressions of our earth's message about its nature and environment that I have read. I strongly recommend it to readers at any level of understanding and consciousness.

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