Climate change describes A CHANGE IN GLOBAL TEMPERATURE AND WEATHER PATTERNS. These patterns are changing in unpredictable ways due to both natural and unnatural factors, such as human and industrial activities. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), HUMAN INFLUENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE HAS BEEN “INDISPUTABLE” FOR DECADES.

However, human activities also have the power to help stabilize the earth’s climate — and no organizations have more power than those in the business sector. It’s been shown that ONLY 90 COMPANIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A LARGE PORTION OF YEARLY GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS.

Individual business leaders can make a significant impact on climate change by understanding the biggest offenders in their own processes and working toward long-term solutions, rather than band-aid fixes. This guide will help business leaders understand the importance of integrating sustainable practices into their business models.